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A simple, foolproof system for light weight water purification.

Aren’t you tired of worrying about dead batteries, dead UV bulbs, broken equipment, foul tastes, or clogged filters, just to be able to purify water while traveling, camping, or on the trail?

There are many ways to get clean water these days. Filters, UV lights, chlorine, iodine, etc. They all have pro's and con's:

  • You could invest in a heavy, bulky, water filtration system… but those are only moderately effective against bacteria (and not effective against waterborne viruses)

  • You could buy UV lights and filters, but you have enough to focus on while traveling, let alone worrying about a dead UV bulb or a clogged filter.

  • You could carry chlorine or iodine with you, but chlorine can leave a funny taste in your mouth (and aren’t you concerned about the long term side effects from iodine)?

Isn’t there a simple solution? Small enough to fit right in your backpack that you can carry with you on a trip, and still prevent any unfortunate (or uncomfortable) bouts with water pathogens?

Lightweight, No Taste … and It Works.

Does this sound familiar?

My water filter was nothing but headaches, clogging and maintenance!”

Or this?

Everyone I was camping with used Iodine based purification tablets and complained about the taste of the water…”

If you’ve tried iodine tablets, filtration, flocculation, or boiling for your water treatment, you’ll love Smooth 8’s Water Purification Drops. They’re easy to use, light weight, and have none of the headaches (or price) associated with mechanical water filters.

Great for ultra light backpackers, with Smooth8’s Water Purification Drops, you can actually taste the mountain water, which makes these far superior to iodine tablets.

Clinically proven water purification in a bottle.

Smooth 8’s Water Purification Drops are a clinically proven method to treat a large quantity of water easily and keep that water drinkable and tasty over the long-term.

Backed by a scientific study by Consumer Product Testing Co, you can use Smooth8’s Water Purification Drops to neutralize 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and yeast present in water. All without chemicals, synthetic additives, or preservatives. And Smooth8’s Water Purification Drops remain effective even after 21 days.

Contact us for a copy of recent clinical trial results for Smooth 8 water purification drops / bacteria inactivation properties.

Water Purification Drops Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Smooth 8 Water Purification Drops?
Add 1 full dropper (1 ml) of water purification drops per liter to neutralize harmful bacteria, yeast, mold and other pathogens in your drinking water. Allow 15 minutes to pass before consuming.

What are the ingredients in the Water Purification Drops?
Smooth 8 Water Purification Drops contain Ionized water, potassium, magnesium.

What happens if I try the Water Purification Drops and don’t like them?
All of our Smooth 8 products are covered with our exclusive, 60-day money back guarantee. Try our products safe in the knowledge that if you’re dissatisfied, we'll gladly refund your purchase. 

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