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Here at Smooth 8, we are big fans of a proactive life when it comes to health and wellness. Taking preventive measures to keep your body in the best working order is crucial to complete mind and body synergy. Waiting until you get sick before paying attention to what you’re putting in your body, your exercise routine or daily life patterns is not the way to go; you could potentially do damage that will be difficult and time consuming to reverse. That’s why we developed Smooth 8.

As everyone knows, water is one of the most critical components to purifying, cleansing and hydrating our bodies. Unfortunately, over time, this natural resource has been compromised and needs to be treated in order to be healthily consumed. But even then, it’s still not benefiting your body as well as it could be.

The water we drink as well as the foods we eat, consuming alcohol, smoking and environmental pollution can create high body acidity. Too much acidity creates toxic waste in our body that can keep your body from absorbing critical nutrients like calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. Toxic waste can also lead to devastating illnesses like cancer or heart disease. 

We wanted to create an easy, simple way to convert your water from acidic to alkaline to readily address these issues. We brought our years of experience in water purification to a PhD chemist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who developed our exclusive Smooth 8 Alkaline Antioxidant Drops with us. With just a dropper of chemical-free Smooth 8 in your 8-oz glass of H2O, your water will be instantly alkaline and antioxidant enhanced and truly beneficial to your body from the inside out.

We developed 3 products to address 3 important needs

Reflux Relief Drops to ease acid indigestion and heartburn without the need for medication.
Cleansing Alkaline Drops to hydrate, detox and cleanse the body and skin from within.
Water Purification Drops to neutralize harmful bacteria, including E.Coli from drinking water.

We hope that you find these products beneficial to your bodies.

Here’s to your good health and happy life.

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