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Win Summer. Lose the Hangover.

There are two things everyone needs in their summer rX kit: (1) sunblock and (2) hydration.

cure hangovers with Smooth 8

With all those amazing events just around the corner, you want to make sure a good ol’ hangover doesn’t bench you for the season. Whether it’s from being out in the sun for too long, or sipping on that margarita a little too generously, a hangover is primarily caused by d-e-h-y-d-r-a-t-i-o-n.

Here are some ways to make sure you get all 72 hours of that Memorial Day weekend, or that you don’t miss a thing at South by Southwest.

  • Suit Up, SPF 30 Style: Whether it’s Coppertone Water Babies or Shiseido’s Sunblock Foundation Stick, cover yourself in it. Skin is extremely sensitive to UV rays, and while sunburn can make you feel sick and red- skin cancer is just plain awful. Your bare skin is your best outfit, make sure you maintain it both inside and out!
  • Put Smooth 8 In Your Pocket: Water conservation is a big issue in many parts of the nation, especially for those states experiencing drought. With Smooth 8 Cleansing Drops, you get more hydration + pH balancing goodies from 8 ounces of water- than you would from several glasses of tap water. Don’t let dry weather dry you out, keep hydrated easily by adding a drop of Smooth 8 to your water bottle. This may also help that icky headache from taking over, post-party.
  • Eat Whole Fruits & Veggies: Sugar from juice can be dehydrating, and can overwhelm your system making you even more thirsty. Rather than downing a glass of OJ or Cranberry, pack a small ice chest with whole fruits + veggies like watermelon, jicama, carrots, and cucumbers. Drinking water and nibbling on these chilled fruits will result in less bloating and more energy. And inevitable, way more fun.

For areas where potable water may be sparse, don’t hesitate to pack some purifying drops as well. And while the sun may kickstart your summer festivities, know that staying properly hydrated through all seasons can help you tame hangovers and conquer the year. Regardless of where you take your body, don’t forget to fuel it with love + water. SHOP the drops > and until next time, be sure to follow all our latest Smooth 8 updates on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter pages.




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