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The Best Body Type Of All Smooth 8 Prescribed

Ideal Women's Bodies Throughout The Ages 

by Victoria Chuidian

If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it.

Then take a look at the recent decades, and the disparity between body ideals.

In the past, beauty was equated to economic success- the bigger you were, the more you could afford to eat, the more “beautiful” you were considered. Or maybe you were too rich to work, and so your feet were soft and dainty. Then circa the 1960’s, a woman’s body was beautiful if it was waif thin, perhaps a sign of more free time?

The point is, the standard today should be a healthy body. Whatever that means. Take a look at the American Cancer Society’s BMI chart for what a healthy or “normal” height to weight ratio is.

Credits to Buzzfeed.com.


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