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Alkaline Water: Better Than Tap and Bottled Water?

Is drinking alkaline water really better than drinking bottled or tap water?

smooth 8 alkaline water better than bottled water or tap water

Water with a pH level higher than seven is alkaline water, or water containing minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Tap water also has these minerals but they are in the form of less healthy magnesium and calcium carbonates. In addition, tap water contains varying amounts of synthetic chemicals that can have negative effects on our immune system.

The water coming out of our faucets is “municipal” tap water that has been treated in city processing plants and disinfected with chlorine.  Extra fluoride is also added to help prevent cavities, something that has been questioned by medical professionals as being detrimental to our health. However, what concerns many people is that chlorine has been linked to cancer, along with other chemicals and contaminants frequently found in tested tap water.

Distilled Water

Water collected after it has been vaporized is called distilled water. Distilling water removes solid residues and impurities but also removes minerals that are beneficial to our health.

Purified Water

Although “purified” water sounds healthy enough, the special treatment needed to remove impurities found in tap water is actually not the best water for your body. The World Health Organization reports that drinking purified water for extended periods could promote osteoporosis and other diseases because of the lack of minerals in the water.

Bottled/Mineral Water

Just because bottled water does not come out of a tap doesn’t mean it is healthier for you to drink. The belief that bottled water is cleaner is simply an advertising ploy cleverly promoted by companies to get consumers to purchase their product. In fact, bottled water is nothing more than demineralized tap water that has been filtered using reverse osmosis and then treated with the carbonates to alter the taste. Moreover, many brands of bottled water are acidic and have been found to harbor bacteria due to mechanical processing methods.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is ionized water, or water that contains antioxidant properties due to a surplus of electrons responsible for eliminating harmful free radicals. These beneficial electrons also reduce excess tissue acidity to help reverse or prevent osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and a host of common degenerative diseases.

Water ionzers turn unhealthy tap water into the highest quality drinking water available by increasing the alkalinity of the water.  Ionizers accomplish this by separating carbonates from true minerals so that these minerals can chemically attach themselves to hydroxyl ions extracted from water molecules. The resulting “mineral hydroxides” (magnesium and calcium hydroxide) have been officially recognized by the U.S. FDA as major contributors to human nutrition.

Water processed through an ionizer is free of contaminants (chemicals, chlorine, fluoride, pathogens, toxic metals, additives and radioactive substances) and is rich in minerals to ensure muscles and bones receive nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Alkaline water also has a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential), meaning that it will target and neutralize dangerous free radicals that attack and damage healthy cells.

Alkaline Water Prevents Fluctuations in pH Levels

When the body’s chemistry is abnormally acidic, symptoms of this imbalance manifest themselves in small but significant ways. For example, you might experience sinus problems (runny nose, sore throat), acne, gastrointestinal issues and even weight gain due to your body being under acidic stress. Switching from tap water to ionized alkaline water helps return your body’s pH level to normal and improves your overall health by detoxing your body and providing it with the minerals it needs to remain as healthy as possible. How can you detox your body efficiently and easily? Let Smooth 8 guide you >



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